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This 30 Day Book was written to be used to fortify your marriage through the power of declarations (based on Job 22:28).

It includes decrees over:

  • Unity

  • Communication

  • Sex

  • Finances

We encourage you to take the next 30 days and start decreeing the will of God (based on Scriptures) over your marriage and watch God move in a mighty way!

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Concrete Building

Let's partner together to reach your goals! Book now for your discovery call today.


With 28 years of marriage, we have come to know a thing or two about relationships. As a result, we have been able to assist couples that want to go to that next level in the relationship by providing them with the tools necessary to reach that goal. Whether it is through communication coaching, conflict resolution coaching, discovering their relationship purpose or establishing relationship goals, Fourte Coaching has been able to come alongside couples and help them be all that they can be as a couple.
At Fourte Coaching, we count it as a honor to help couple grow closer together, discover a greater unity and help them overcome many obstacles that have been standing in their way.  Let Fourte Coaching assists you and your significant other deepen your connection, which will provide greater intimacy, satisfaction and oneness.


We strive to help individuals connect with what they ultimately feel created to do. In order to discover this, many times there is fear, inhibitions and other inner blocks that have to be overcome. We teach skills and techniques that help individuals conquer old patterns that have held them back for years. We aim to infuse them with confidence and boldness and help them come up with an actual workable plan to not only discover but actually achieve their purpose.


We are gifted at assisting individuals in learning what their personal strengths are. This would include assessing how they learn best, what they are passionate about, what gives them the most joy and focusing on things that they are naturally good at. Instead of spending any more time, money and energy on things that they are nominal at best, we encourage our clients to focus on what they not only do well in but also excel in. This is generally a good indicator of what their “Forte” or strength area is. After discovering this, we work with our clients to develop plans that allow them to improve in this area and eventually become an expert. This comes about through focused time and effort which the client must be willing to invest in order to become a master.


At Fourte Coaching, we teach our clients tools and techniques that help them recognize those voices for what they really are (lies) and they learn how to actually break-through and overcome. One of the first steps towards Living Your Dream is asking yourself questions like “What give you the most joy?” and “What are you most passionate about?”.  The answer to these two questions will open the door and lead you down a path of fulfillment and exhilarating happiness. The best time to start Living Your Dream is right now!!!



Fourte Coaching exemplifies EXCELLENCE in cutting edge methodology, training, and absolute passion for personal growth! This is the way coaching should be! I have and will continue to recommend their professional and personalized services to all who are tired of compromise and the mundane and who are now ready to walk in and fulfill their PURPOSE!


Chauncey and Gwen are gifted life coaches and possess a rare combination of integrity, passion and wisdom. I highly recommend Fourte Coaching for those who want to discover their purpose, master their forte and live their dreams.


In a world filled with ambiguity, it's refreshing to know there is solace in knowing people who can help chart a pathway to amicable communication and self discovery with honesty and candor; love and compassion mixed with humor. Those people are the Fourte's. They are a phenomenally wise couple and you won't be disappointed.

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