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  • What is coaching?
    Life Coaching is the practice of supporting an individual client through the process of achieving specific personal or professional results or goals. This process can address transitions in a client’s personal life, relationships or profession. Coaching is not the same as counseling, consulting, therapy, advising or mentoring in which the coach tells the client what to do or give the client a prescription.
  • What is the difference between counseling and coaching?
    Counseling assists a person to move from a dysfunctional state to a functional state. It focuses on past hurts, traumas and behaviors to bring healing. Coaching assists a person to move from a functional state to their optimal potential. Coaching focuses on the present and helps the individual to thrive in present and future.
  • How soon can I see changes in my life?
    Authentic coaching requires commitment from the individual and coach. If the client follow through on assignments and coaching insights we believe genuine transformation will take place. We recommend a minimum of 3 months at Fourte Coaching for the client to see genuine changes.
  • How do I know if coaching is for me?
    (Please review our form entitled, “Are you coachable?)
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    PayPal Zelle ( Cash App ($fourtecoaching) Money Order


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